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We offer a wide range of passenger car, SUV as well as light truck tyres of all well-known manufacturers. We focus on tyres of the premium segment, but we also offer a selection of tyres of the quality and low-budget segment.

In our onlineshop you will find the right tyre for every car, SUV or van.

Summer tyres

Through special rubber compounds, the manufacturers provide summer tyres for optimized handling in wet and dry conditions. Braking distances are shorter and the abrasion is optimized. Specific tyre profiles also reduce the risk of aquaplaning and improve mileage and fuel consumption.

Winter tyres

Although there is no general obligation to use winter tyres in Germany, it is mandatory to drive with winter tyres when winterly condions appyl (situational winter tyre obligation). Under German law, tyres produced after 2018 classify as winter tyre only with the 3-peak mountain with a snowflake symbol. To be safe on the road even at low temperatures, slippery roads, ice or frost, we offer a wide range of winter tyres in our online shop.

All-season tyres

All-season tyres are in vogue. Especially in regions where the weather and temperature fluctuations are small and there is hardly any snowfall and icy roads, all-season tyres can be a good alternative to summer or winter tyres.

SUV & Offroad tyres

SUV or off-road tyres are available in a variety of designs that are designed for the use on the road, as well as the increased use off-road. Compared to classic passenger car tyres, they are characterized by a special structure and special driving characteristics.

Transporter tyres (light truck tyres)

Transporter tyres are – as the name suggests – designed for the transport of heavy loads and are characterized by a long life (high mileage) as well as a high load capacity.  In the commercial sector, the focus lies also on the value-for-money ratio.

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